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SOUND SODA STUDIO, is a full-service voice-over and voice talent agency and studio. We were founded in 2020, after working in the audio, entertainment, and media industry for over a combined 8 years. 

We have a fully equipped mobile studio, as well as partner studios located in Ankara, Istanbul, and Ho Chi Minh City. We offer proofreading, script-writing, voice talent management, and search and voice recording and editing in the following languages: English, Turkish, German, Hindi, Vietnamese, and Mandarin (Chinese). 

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Sound Soda Studio Voice Over Agency Services
Our Services

Voice Acting/Overs

We have over 7+ years, combined voice acting and voice-over experience, reading scripts for over 50+ clients. 


Script Writing & Proofreading

We speak fluent English, Turkish and German and can help you craft perfect scripts for your YoutTube channel, eBook, or short radio ad, as well as proofread. 

Sound Editing and Recording

We have access to our own professional recording studio, and are experts at Adobe Audition and Audacity. 

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Our Clients
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