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Still a little lost? Don't worry, as we said above, it is a precarious world in the voice-acting business. Here we have some common FAQs: 

  • I see many jobs advertised for as low as $10-20 for long jobs as well: This is common in the industry. There are many jobs, that are advertised for below market rate. This might be due to the client's budget and also according to where the voice-over will be published. The most common jobs that have this kind of budget are YouTube and other online videos. In these instances, it is best to decide whether it is worth the time for you or not. 

  • I'm new, and I have no idea what my standard rate should be: this is a common concern of many budding voice-actors. If this is the case, then you can get in-touch with us at

More Info on How To Calculate Your Voice-Over Rates & Fees

  • number of lines/sentences - this kind of pricing model is usually for telephony / IVR jobs and dubbing. 

  • number of words - this kind of pricing model is often used for larger projects, such as narration of YouTube videos or even eLearning.  

  • how long is the completed project - This kind of payment price per finished minute, or price for finished hour and is common for audiobooks and dubbing. 

  • number of hours in studio or recording - for projects where you're not sure how long it will take to complete or the amount of effort required, you can request an hourly rate. However, most clients prefer a fixed cost. 

  • price per page - this kind of pricing model is often used for larger projects, such as narration of YouTube videos or even eLearning.  

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We do more than just voice-overs. We offer services in synchronized and non-synchronized dubbing, voice and character acting, voice-overs, sound design, post-production editing, translation, proofreading, and script-writing. Essentially, if it is related to audio, we can help you achieve it!

Thanks to our team of dedicated and talented voice-over artists, we offer voice-overs, voice-acting, and character acting services in English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Hindi, Turkish, Vietnamese, Flemish, Afrikaans, Irish, and many more languages and accents. 

We have experience producing high-quality audio-books, fairytales, animations and cartoons, dubbing and non-synchronized dubbing, eLearning and corporate videos and demonstrations, television and radio advertisement voice-overs and YouTube and other online video voice-overs. 

If you're interested in any of our voice-over work, or other types of audio services, then get in touch at

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