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Free Voice-Over Resources 

We've collated a helpful collection of resources, to help you produce and record the best voice-overs possible. The free fee script voice-over calculator, can help assist you in calculating the fees associated with commercials for both radio and television commercials globally. Free VO scripts are there to help you find the best talent (simply ask them to send in a sample of your chosen VO script, or too level-up your voice-over game with these scripts. Our blog contains loads of helpful industry tips, tricks and news to help you with your voice-acting career. 


We do more than just voice-overs. We offer services in synchronized and non-synchronized dubbing, voice and character acting, voice-overs, sound design, post-production editing, translation, proofreading, and script-writing. Essentially, if it is related to audio, we can help you achieve it!

Thanks to our team of dedicated and talented voice-over artists, we offer voice-overs, voice-acting, and character acting services in English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Hindi, Turkish, Vietnamese, Flemish, Afrikaans, Irish, and many more languages and accents. 

We have experience producing high-quality audio-books, fairytales, animations and cartoons, dubbing and non-synchronized dubbing, eLearning and corporate videos and demonstrations, television and radio advertisement voice-overs and YouTube and other online video voice-overs. 

If you're interested in any of our voice-over work, or other types of audio services, then get in touch at

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